Can you see what's happening?


Can you see what's happening? It's like watching a suspenseful movie. You can see the dots connect. The narrative becomes more clear throughout the movie while the tension rises. When you get to the conclusion of the movie it's like fireworks. The long process that has taken you through the highs and the lows was undoubtedly worth every second.

Before Covid people didn't feel the sting of the war we were in. Sweeping through the whole world, the BIOWEAPON (even though not very deadly) was used on many levels by the Cabal. God always uses his opponents moves against themselves. Forcing them to speed up their plans for the NWO. They became sloppy.

Today emails were released from Dr. Fauci himself. The person no one voted for but has had a lot of sway over this country. There are many levels of exposure, each has a trickle effect. Fauci being exposed means others to follow. Arizona audit means other states to follow (already happening.) Connect the dots to see the narrative that's continually forming from God and Q.

We are being lead to a place where many will see the same thing. There is a powerful unison people will suddenly find themselves in. Perspective is so important in this time. Look at the big picture and why this is happening the way it is. Enjoy the show Patriots 🍿👀

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